Acne Treatments



No matter what skin type or acne type you may have, I can design a program especially for you. As a Face Reality Certified Acne Specialist, I have personally seen the amazing results that these products can achieve. I will give you the tools necessary to achieve clear skin without prescription medications. Your initial consultation will include information on lifestyle choices that may be contributing to your acne. 







Face Reality Acne Treatment is a combination of home care products and facial treatments that push your skin without the harsh side effects of other treatments. Most of my clients have tried everything to clear their acne with little to no success and I was just like that. I had given up. Let me show you what my treatments and your hard work can do to change your life and your skin. I will be there with you every step of the way. You must purchase the home care products to participate in this program. You can expect to pay $150-$175 for 6-8 weeks worth of products at your initial appointment and we will adjust this system along the way based on your skin's progress. Clearing on average takes 3-4 months depending on you being compliant with the product usage and coming to see me for regular treatments. Schedule your treatment today and start seeing your skin in a beautiful way!
Acne Treatments  - $75 (60-90 minutes)
Consultation is included with your first treatment (please allow 2 hours)